Fallstudie Skola/utbildning

Torvbråtens Skola

Torvbråten skola i Asker kommun blev utnämnd till Årets Skola 2021 i Norge. Skolan är innovativ och den har blivit byggt efter ny standard för hur utbildningsinstitutioner kan utformas genom att förena arkitektur, miljö och hållbarhet. Den fina skolan har fasadbeklädnad av med Cembrit Patina fibercementskivor i kombination med träspjälor.


Land: Norge
År: 2020
Arkitekt: LINK Arkitektur
Byggentreprenör: Veidekke Entreprenør
Byggherre: Asker Kommune


Distinctive Facade Solution Adorns Award-Winning School in Norway

In the Norwegian town of Slemmestad the new and innovative school, Torvbråten Skole, has officially been opened. The school sets new standards for how educational institutions can be designed by unifying architecture, sustainability, and liveability. The distinctive building is covered in Cembrit’s durable fibre cement boards to support both the architectural expression and green ambitions of the project.

Does the ideal mix of architecture, sustainability, and liveability exist?

The answer may be found in the Norwegian town of Slemmestad where a new school with unique architectural and sustainable qualities has been built. Situated in idyllic surroundings with unspoiled views to both forests and a breath-taking landscape, Torvbråten Skole has a gross area of 6,700 square metres with room for almost 500 students and 50 staff members.

The project has shed light on how architecture can function as a vital measure for increasing life and educational quality without compromising sustainability:

- Torvbråten School is an ambitious pioneer project that shows how a school can be designed, constructed, and run to enhance liveability, at the same time supporting the green agenda. All architectural and functional details of the building are focused on lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions, while it has been an absolute key priority to create the ideal learning environment for the students and teachers, explains architect at LINK Arkitektur, Jon-Erling Johannessen.

Distinctive Facade Solution That Blends in With Natural Surroundings

The curved and minimalistic facade of the school resembles waves in the landscape and is one of the main features of the unique building. The structure is wrapped in an organic wooden band, while the facade is covered in the durable fibre cement facade board, Cembrit Patina Original.

Cembrit has been actively involved in the project where more than 3,000 square metres of Cembrit Patina Original are an important part of the aesthetics of the building.

- Torvbråten Skole sets new standards for unifying architecture and sustainability and is in many ways a project like no other. At Cembrit, we strive to create innovative products, and we are always very satisfied to see our fibre cement materials included as part of ambitious projects that challenge the norms. Our fibre cement products are known for their remarkable durability and low maintenance which makes them ideal for projects like Torvbråten Skole where sustainability is an important element, says Per Albrektsen, Facade Manager at Cembrit.

It has been an ambition for the architecture team to create a facade that reflects a natural look. Therefore, most of the building is covered in sand coloured fibre cement facade boards, while shades of green and blue are used to distinguish between the wings of the school.

Among other factors, the Cembrit Patina Original facade board was chosen due to its aesthetic qualities and eco-friendly traits:

 - Architectural factors such as material, tactility, and a natural look were important when deciding on the facade solution. Cembrit’s fibre cement facade boards were chosen based on the material’s environmental traits and naturalistic appearance that blends into the idyllic surroundings and support a healthy learning environment and indoor climate. Furthermore, Cembrit Norway is located only five kilometres from the school which made it a strategically meaningful choice as well, Jon-Erling Johannessen remarks.

Awarded for Social and Environmental Sustainability

Not long after opening its doors for new students, Torvbråten Skole was awarded ‘School of the Year in Norway’ – a recognition of the extensive work with sustainability and architecture that characterizes the project.  

According to Claudia Garante, Technical Manager, Sustainability at Cembrit, the project shows how the choice of material plays an important role in projects with green ambitions:

- Choosing the correct building material is a crucial factor when working with sustainability in the construction industry. And Torvbråten Skole is no exception. The project is a great example of how fibre cement products can work as resistant and long-lasting components to boost energy efficiency and embrace high architectural ambitions.   

Torvbråten Skole in Slemmestad in Norway was officially opened in December 2020.